Why Cascade Denture Clinic

Cascade Denture Clinic is determined to deliver a well-functioning appliance with a great smile to go with it. Our policy is, "the patient is always right." We never use the phrase, "get used to it," and will even remake the appliance to your satisfaction. We order denture teeth unique to each patient and use the best acrylic available.

About Dental Appliances

Implants are a way to preserve the alveolas bone. Mini implants have been utilized for several years now and can be placed for immediate loading. You can actually walk out with your dentures firmly secured.


It's been just short of two years since I was fortunate enough to receive your services, concern and efforts. It's important to me to remind you of my appreciation. My denture has been comfortable and dependable.

For the first time since I got these dentures (2 years ago) I can wear them continuously in comfort!!

We just wanted to say thank you for fixing my "owies." I love my teeth!

I owe you both a big one! Thank you again!